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Text písně Perfectly

16. října 2009 v 9:05 | Selena-Website |  Lyrics
l like who I am
But I guess you don´t
I think that I can
But you think I won´t
Amount to anything at all

If you love me you sure show
it strange.Is there anything you that
wouldn´t change.I can be your paper doll

I wanna be perfect,but I´m me.
I wanna be flawless but you see
Every little crack every chip
every dent every little mistake
yaa I wana be perfect
Just like you,But there´s
only so much that a girl can do
When I look in the mirror what I see makes sense
to me yaa Perfectly Perfectly

I like worn out shoes you like high heels
and fantesies but I´m whats real.I guess
you could say the shoe don´t fit.
Maybe I´m from venus your from mars,
But my inprefections are what they are
I guess one of us should deal with it.


I try to fit in the most but you make but I´m tired of playing this little cerade


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